There has never been an easier way to learn about all the features and resources that are available in your personalized BackOffice. Whether it’s setting up your profile, learning about commissions, or finding all of the latest information, you can learn everything you need to know about your BackOffice with these short and informative videos.

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How to sponsor a Distributor and a Retail Customer?

How to sponsor a Preferred Customer?


Don’t miss out on the chance to be trained by the top leaders in ORGANO. Scroll through the videos and get first-hand training and coaching experience on several topics, including: How To Get Started, How To Maximize the Compensation Plan, How To Manage a Successful Organization, and more.

Immerse yourself in the world of healthier living, refine your entrepreneurial skills, and learn secrets from experts in the field that will turn you into a leading personality and provide you with the professional and financial freedom you’ve always been looking for.

Opportunity Presentation – English

Presentación de Oportunidad – ESPAÑOL

Présentation d’Opportunité – FRANÇAIS

การนำเสนอโอกาส – ภาษาไทย

Presentazione di Opportunità – ITALIANO


The best training happens live at major ORGANO events. Top leaders, delivering impactful messages, in front of thousands of people. But what if you weren’t lucky enough to be in attendance? Don’t sweat it — The Master Training Series has you covered.

Watch all of the best training segments from the biggest ORGANO events and stay up to date with the latest tips and trends to take your business to new heights.

Social Barriers to Overcome
with César Muñoz

Success Triangle and Edification
with Edwin Haynes

Objectives: Double & ‘Cruiting
with Holton Buggs

Recruiting: How to Be an Eagle?
With Holton Buggs

Compensation Plan,
step by step with John Sachtouras

Bringing People Together:
Belief & Skills with Shane Morand

“Building a big business”
Holton Buggs on Internal Communication

“Components of Success”
Dreaming Big with Shane Morand

Outlining ORGANO’s plans
for the future with Holton Buggs

“What are your goals?”
Finding your Why with Jose Ardón

Product, Leadership and Integrity
with John Sachtouras

Healthier Living Business with
Shane Morand

The power of OGX with Holton Buggs

The Importance of organizing
OG Mixers with the Nilsens

Customer Acquisition strategies
with Yvonne & Lenny Walls

90-Day-Game Plan step by step
with Shane Morand

Il compromesso con il tuo successo con
Angelica Enache

La incredibile opportunità di Organo con
Riccardo Benato

Understanding the 4 Steps, one by one with Casey Nilsen Martin